What to Expect

A home cannot fail an inspection. A professional home inspection provides an independent, unbiased view of building problems and recommendations in support of your due diligence analysis and decision making process.

Depending on the size and condition of the home, a thorough on-site home inspection will take between 1-½ to 3 hours hours. Ideally, you will accompany your inspector during the consultation for visual reinforcement of your written report. We also advise on maintenance and service of the building systems, and are available to answer any questions regarding the home or any issue discovered during the process. 

Many photos are taken during the inspection for inclusion in the written report. These photos are a great way to revisit the issues and provide clear and concise evidence for further discussion with a seller or service repair specialist. 

After the on-site inspection is complete, the report is prepared back at the office. We provide a full written narrative style report that includes a clear description of our observations, an analysis on the condition of each component, along with recommendations for remediation and repair. See sample report. 

The inspection report is completed within twenty-four hours. After you review your report, free telephone consultation is available to answer any of your questions.

As a registered professional home inspector practicing in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts our inspections and written reports are carried out in accordance with Massachusetts Board of Registration of Home Inspectors Rules and Regulations Governing Home Inspectors - 266 CMR, 1:00 – 11:00.
The inspection and report will include those systems as defined in 266 CMR 6:00 Standards of Practice and as outlined below:

  • Exterior (wall covering, trim, entry doors, garage door operators, windows, decking, stairs, eaves, soffits, driveways, vegetation, walkways)
  • Roof (roof covering, drainage, flashing, roof penetrations, skylights, chimneys, signs of leaks on building components)
  • Structural (foundation, basement floor, floor superstructure, columns, and roof framing)
  • Electrical (service entrance and equipment, grounding, over current protection, branch wiring, ground fault protection devices)
  • Plumbing (water supply and distribution, drainage, waste and vents, hot water generator, sump pumps, plumbing fixtures)
  • Heating & Cooling (heating and central cooling equipment, exterior venting, normal operating controls, distribution and insulation)
  • General Interior (walls, ceilings, floors, stairs, cabinets, counters, a representative number of doors and windows)
  • Insulation & Ventilation (exposed insulation, ventilation of attics and foundation areas, kitchen and bath venting)