New Construction Phase Inspection

Everyone would like to believe that their new home is built to code; it is, after all, the law.

Local jurisdictions (town, city, county and state) are charged with reviewing construction plans and are also solely responsible for issuing permits and inspecting work completed by your builder. In point-of-fact, the municipal or county building inspection department is the only entity possessing the authority to interpret and enforce building codes. So...where do the problems come in?

Many home buyers are discovering that "building a home to code" is not an assurance that the home and its systems and components will meet their expectations for quality. In the end, compliance with building codes provides only the assurance that a new home is designed and built to a minimum standard to safeguard life, health and public welfare.

Mid-Cape Home Inspection Services can help you achieve the construction quality assurance you seek. We provide thorough, independent construction phase quality inspections of your home and the building process. Our inspection services include:

  • Design review
  • Site preparation
  • Footings, foundations and backfill
  • Rough framing
  • Mechanical and electrical systems rough in
  • Finishes
  • Landscaping and grading
  • Full inspection at property completion
  • Phased construction photos for project record and documentation